The Section Director

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The Section Director is entrusted with the task of animating and governing the Section.

Mindful of the words and the teaching of the Lord, “I am in the midst of you as one who serves” (Lk 22:27), and aware that her primary task is to serve her sisters and bear witness to Christ’s love for all by her life and her example.

The Section Director is elected by the Assembly by an absolute majority of its members, up to the third scrutiny. In the fourth scrutiny only the two candidates who obtained the greatest number of votes in the third scrutiny are eligible. If the votes are equal in the fourth scrutiny, the older by incorporation in the Company is declared elected, and if there is equality of incorporation, the older by age.

The Director remains in office for four years and can be re-elected consecutively once. She must be a member in definitive incorporation, be no less than forty years of age and have been at least ten years in the Company. If the office of Section Director is vacant for any reason or the Director is no longer able to exercise her functions, the Vice-Director takes office ad interim. She is obliged to convoke a Section Assembly within six months in order to elect a new Director.

Laity Section Manager is Natalia Pizarro (Vice President of CSP)