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The CSP aims to elevate life and individual and social activities at a
human level and to animate them with an evangelical spirit. Its members,
attentive to the needs and the requests of their contemporaries,
work with both communities and individuals, with a spirit of innovation
and service following the example of Saint Paul, making themselves
all things to all people.


The spirituality of the Company emanates from the teaching and the
life of the Apostle to all peoples. Faithful to its original inspiration, it is
animated by full openness to the will of God interpreted through the
signs of the times in the light of the Gospel. The mysteries of the life of
Christ and of his mystical body which is the Church, the sense of total
belonging to God in accordance with the Pauline expression “my life is
Christ” and ardent apostolic energy according to the saying “the love of
Christ urges us on” are the foundations of Paulist spirituality.

Paulist formation presumes and develops the following characteristics:

a) a basic aptitude for the study of and meditation on the Sacred
Scriptures, in particular of the Apostle Paul;
b) a solid ascetical and liturgical formation and a suitable upbringing
in authentic freedom of spirit;
c) a deep understanding of supernatural values, the magisterium of
the Church and the demands of a full theological life in order to
live out ones personal consecration in the world;
d) openness to human, social and ecclesial values and contemporary
e) knowledge and acceptance of oneself and one’s own gifts and limits,
in order to live a responsible, autonomous life, to continue
learning to communicate with others, to grow and allow others to
grow in relationship within the community;
f) a growing awareness of one’s own specific roles within the community
as a service to the brothers and sisters in humility and