Priestly Section

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The priests of the company of St. Paul are characterized by an attitude of dialogue with the world. They will have a watchful ability to study the signs of the times and will retain a young agility to know everything and to appropriate what is good. The Pauline priest must go into dialogue with the world in which he has to live. In the spirituality of the Pauline priests the Church becomes a word; the Church becomes a message; the Church becomes a colloquium.

In the conscience of the Pauline presbyter there is the conviction that the dialogue of salvation became possible for all; to all is intended without any discrimination; potentially universal dialogue, that is, Catholic. The dialogue will respect all that is human, searching in the existential peripheries those values ​​that sustain the fraternity and the concord between the men.

The Pauline priest always preserves an open mind without rigid schematics capable of adapting to understand spirituality and art in all its forms. Nothing that is human is far from the gospel of Christ. Clarity, meekness, confidence and prudence will be the virtues of the Pauline Priest.