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Father Luciano Mainini

He was born Castano Primo (My) On September 1, 1951.

He was ordained priest June 24, 1977 in the city of Novara, where he was incardinated and was for four years Parochial Vicar of the Parish of Bellinzago Novarese.

Father Luciano Mainini President Saint Paul
ROME 15-11-2010

In October 1981, he joined the Company of San Pablo, where he made his first vows on December 8, 1984 and was incardinated in the Company.

From October 1981 until May 2000 he was the first director and spiritual assistant of “Fonteviva” House of Spirituality, spiritual exercises in Luino (Va).

Since 1987 he is spiritual director of the Pauline pilgrimages of Milan. Since 2000, he has served as General Assistant of the Pilgrimages and collaborator of Brevivet important Catholic tourist agency of Northern Italy.

Since 2001 he was elected general secretary of the Association that brings together all the organizations of Italian Catholic pilgrims grouped in the Entity of Tourism and Sport of the Italian Episcopal Conference. Since 2012 he has been the National Coordinator of Italian Pilgrimages (CNPI), which has been continuously confirmed for four consecutive terms as General Secretary.

In the Society of St. Paul he was appointed several times Secretary of the Priestly Cenacle and President of the Cardinal Ferrari Association. In September of the year 2012 was chosen responsible and ordinary of the Priests of the Company of San Pablo and Vicepresident of the Secular institute of the same name.

Always in September of the year 2016 was confirmed by the priests of the company as responsible for the priestly session and elected by the General Assembly President of the Company of St. Paul to the present.