Luther commentator of gradual psalms (1532-1533) (Roberto Osculati)


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Since the beginning of his teaching activity in Sacred Scripture a
Wittenberg Luther repeatedly devoted his attention to salmody
Biblical. The first course covers the entire canonical collection (1513-1515).
He followed in 1517 a German commentary on the seven penitential psalms,
his first popular publication. A second course
academic came up to Psalm 21 and never saw the term (1519-1522).
After a new edition of the commentary on the penitential psalms (1525)
the exegesis was produced in long analyzes of some compositions, until, between the
November 5, 1532 and October 27 of the following year, he chose as a topic
of the university lessons the so-called gradual psalms.
1 They constitute a
a group of texts considered part of the temple liturgy, like Luther
he thought, or characteristic of the pilgrims who came to Jerusalem for
participate in the most solemn feasts (Psalms 120-134 of the numbering
Hebrew, 119-133 of Greek and Latin numbering). (see complete art)