Laity section

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The members laic of the CSP, participating deeply in the one mission of the Church, commit themselves to exercise their apostolate in the world with ready service so as to share the joys and the hopes, the griefs and the anxieties of the men and women who are their contemporaries.

The goal of every activity will always be to elevate in every sense the person, the family, society, culture, art, science and all other expressions of human life. The different gifts of nature and grace, of both  men and women, the special charisms of laity and priests, different personal and cultural experiences integrated in unity of spirit, aims and methods, all work together so that everywhere Jesus Christ is preached.

As disciples and witnesses to Christ the members of the Company desire to participate:

• in his prophetic mission, announcing the coming of the Kingdom proclaimed by the beatitudes through the witness of the word and by their deeds;
• in his kingly mission, contributing through their work, sustained by grace, to the establishment of solidarity, justice and peace within human society;
• in his unique and eternal priesthood, becoming a spiritual offering to God for all the brothers and sisters by sharing the risks and the hopes which are part of the human condition.

The spirituality of the Company emanates from the teaching and the life of the Apostle to all peoples. Faithful to its original inspiration, it is animated by full openness to the will of God interpreted through the signs of the times in the light of the Gospel.

The mysteries of the life ofChrist and of his mystical body which is the Church, the sense of total belonging to God in accordance with the Pauline expression “my life is Christ” and ardent apostolic energy according to the saying “the love of Christ urges us on” are the foundations of Paulist spirituality.