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The Company of Saint Paul (CSP) is a community comprised of laity and priests which began in the Archdiocese of Milan and wasfounded by the Rev. Giovanni Rossi in the spirit of the Blessed Cardinal Archbishop Andrea Carlo Ferrari. Animated by the Apostle Saint Paul’s spirit of burning, universal love, their intention is to express the total donation of themselves to God through living in the world, participating in their own specific wayin the saving mission of the Church.

Recognized as a Secular Institute of pontifical right with two sections, the Company is governed by these Constitutions and by the laws of the Church for Secular Institutes.

The CSP aims to elevate life and individual and social activities at a human level and to animate them with an evangelicalspirit. Its members, attentive to the needs and the requests of their contemporaries, work with both communities and individuals, with a spirit of innovation and service following the example of Saint Paul, making themselves all things to all people.

To fulfil the apostolic objectives of the CSP, others of Christ’s faithful are associates of the Institute and participate in accordance with their own Regulations (can. 725).

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